How to choose material Analysis techniques for better results?

Materials Analysis is a leading laboratory and analytical tool used by academia, government and industry to conduct preliminary analysis, nanotechnology and materials research, and to perform quality assurance, analysis with on-site inspection. 1) Depended on sample For detailed information, the choice of analysis method and the accuracy of the analysis method should be checked, in Table 1 some cases are

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How to insert header/footer into specific pages in word?

Here we want to add specific page number/title/heading style into header/footer of word document. Let’s start! We can eliminate/hide header from next page by : Layout -> break -> next page We can make first page a cover page or different by : Header & Footer tools -> Options -> check “Different First Page” and we could make different odd/even

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How to show equations with Latex in wordpress?

The KaTeX WordPress plugin integrates the super-fast KaTeX math typesetting engine with your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to put LaTeX in a shortcode, and beautiful math appears on your post or page. like : The plugin also has an option to use the excellent jsDelivr CDN to load the KaTeX scripts, further increasing the performance of the plugin.

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Google chart

Google chart tools are powerful, simple to use, and free. Try out rich gallery of interactive charts and data tools from : The code to above organization chart is something like below. To add custom java into a page we have many options that explained in below post:

How to insert JavaScript into WordPress pages or posts?

1. could Add JavaScript to WordPress using functions.php his uses the IS_PAGE function which you can find here: You can actually use various other options if you want to add the script only in specific conditions such as: is_single(), is_front_page(), is_home, is_admin etc. for example : is_single( ’17’ ) – uses the post ID is_single( ‘My Post Title’ )

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How to hide author, date-time in WordPress posts?

Without Plugins, WordPress is fine and with coding knowledge in PHP we are safe! 1st solution: we go to Dashboard> Appearance> Theme editor or editor. Here we have single-post.php or something like that if it wasn’t there then check right side and click on blue link (maybe it is like a child version like agama blue from agama). There are

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How to insert pictures/images from google drive into wordpress website?

1st we need upload a picture into google drive then share it an copy the share link that would look like : 2nd we need to remove last part ” /view?usp=sharing ” and instead of ” file/d/ ” we add “uc?id=”, final link would be like: 3rd add image block into website ,then click on “Insert from URL”

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