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PPIC stands for Production Planning and Inventory Control. PPIC is the practice of planning a manufacturing process and controlling the inventory of raw materials to be produced into finished goods. It is also a department in a manufacturing company that is responsible for planning and controlling a series of processes, making sure they run according to the predetermined plan.

The PPIC department must work side by side with several other departments such as sales, procurement, and finance. The duties of a PPIC manager include:

  • Creating master production schedules and manufacturing orders as well as forecasting inventory requirements
  • Reviewing sales forecasts and customer demands as well as scheduling production batches based on inventory levels and production time
  • Creating plans for procurement based on demand forecasting that has previously been done
  • Monitoring inventory during the production process, goods stored in the warehouse, as well as the incoming and outgoing goods
  • Scheduling production process in accordance with the planned time, routing, and quantity, in order to speed up the order fulfillment
  • Ensuring the optimization of machine productivity so that no production machines are overused or rather useless
  • Helping solve problems related to the production process through communication with the marketing department
  • Analyzing capacity and resource requirements as well as coordinating necessary adjustments
  • Ensuring adequate levels of raw materials and finished goods
  • Providing accurate inventory data especially to the finance department
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