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Plasma 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Kinetic theory of gases
  3. Charge motion in uniform electric and magnetic fields
  4. Charge motion in non-uniform electric and magnetic fields
  5. Charge motion in time-dependent electric and magnetic fields
  6. Plasma properties
  7. Conductivity and propagation in plasma
  8. Waves in plasma
  9. MHD applications

Plasma 2

  1. Collisions in plasma
  2. Diffusion and mobility
  3. Breakdown and Paschen’s law
  4. Townsend coefficient and discharge regions
  5. Electron beams and sources and their applications
  6. Ion beams and sources and their applications
  7. Ionizing radiation sources
  8. DC dark discharge in gases
  9. DC Glow discharge in gases
  10. DC Arc discharge in gases
  11. Induction RF discharge in gases
  12. Capacitive RF discharge in gases
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