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Quantum magnetism is a bit different from classical magnetism, the kind you see when you stick a magnet to a fridge, because individual atoms have a quality called spin, which is quantized, or in discrete states (Up or Down).
Pierre Curie’s works showed ferromagnets magnetism changes above a certain critical temperature, now called “Curie temperature”. A full explanation of magnetism came with the development of quantum mechanics in the 1920s by Niels Bohr, among others.
There are a lot of amazing topics like : AKLT model, Bohr magneton, Dresselhaus effect, Einstein–de Haas effect, Flux pinning, Heisenberg model (quantum), J1 J2 model, Kondo model, Magnetic flux quantum, Magnetic translation, Majumdar–Ghosh model, Meissner effect, Paschen–Back effect, Quantum spin model, Rashba effect, Single-molecule magnet, Zeeman effect and etc in this course.

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