Home Syllabus Lectures Readings
  • Richard A. Swalin, Thermodynamics of Solids, 2nd Ed, 1972
  • V E Borisenko, Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures, 1999
  • Peidong Yang, The Chemistry of Nanostructured Materials, 2003
  • Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula, “Elements of Physical Chemistry”, 5th ed
  • Robert G. Mortimer, “Physical Chemistry” 3rd edition, 2008
  • D. R. Gaskell, “ Introduction To The Thermodynamics of Materials” 4th ed
  • B. S. Bokstein, “Thermodynamics & Kinetics in Materials Science”, 2005
  • S. Stolen, “Chemical Thermodynamics of Materials” 2003
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