Bionanotechnology is a science that sits at the convergence of nanotechnology and biology. Nanobiology and nanobiotechnology are other names that are used interchangeably with bionanotechnology. The field applies the tools of nanotechnology to biological problems, creating specialized applications.

The field of biotechnology is focused on basic research into the mechanisms of disease toward the development of new therapeutic and diagnostic devices. Bionanotechnology applications within biotechnology include the development of microfluidic devices for high throughput drug discovery assays, nanotechnology-based drug delivery devices, genome sequencing, proteomics, and imaging.

One example is the use of nanoparticles for drug delivery. A therapeutic is chemically attached to the nanoparticle. Radio or magnetic signals are then used to guide it to its target in the body. Precisely targeted drug delivery enhances efficacy and side effects due to off-target activity.

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