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To know more about this course we need a syllabus or topics that are discussed in class, So I will recommend a list but we are free to choose and study as our interests are.

  1. introduction to solid state physics
  2. Important physical properties of crystalline materials
  3. Fundamental theories of structures, compounds and physical properties of nanomaterials
  4. Application of magnetic materials, semiconductors including optical crystals
  5. Electron diffraction in crystals
  6. Phonons and oscillations
  7. Dielectric properties of insulators
  8. Semiconductors and magnets
  9. Crystallographic defects
  10. Liquid Crystals
  11. Superconductors
  12. Microscopic structures of solids, liquids, liquid crystals and polymers
  13. Elastic Diffraction
  14. Topological defects
  15. Electronic structures of crystals (metals and semiconductors)
  16. Phonons and Inelastic scattering
  17. Magnetic properties of nanoscale materials
  18. Advanced energy band theory

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