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  • Here we learned Softwares like COMSOL to ideally model and simulate MEMS/NEMS devices. General Project was about “Surface Micro Machined Accelerometer”. We designed All parts parametric to evaluate every parameter effect in system and after that we had to choose Optimum materials to get benefit in maintenance and economic of sensor. This project is one of solved example of COMSOL and wasn’t hard to do so.
    If you need files, Email me.

  • Final Project was about limited areas in class or we could suggest subjects. As my interests in Biology, I selected “Drug Delivery MEMS Devices”. In this topic I tried 4 simulation as seen in my Persian power point below, the last one was my favorite one that I made a Peristaltic Pump with Piezoelectric Effect that could be integrated in microfluidics. For my neat target I want to design this pump circuit in cadence. I recommend everybody to try electromagnetic based devices as they could use far distant abilities.
    If you need files, Email me.

As a challenge if you could find my technical fault in above video, email me!

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