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  1. Chemistry, physics and biochemistry relations in fluid mechanics
  2. Molecular Osmosis, Electrodialysis, Particle deposition and centrifugation
  3. Macromolecules and Soluble particles filtration
  4. Equations of Motion and Diffusion
  5. Macromolecules Suspension
  6. Particle deposition and mathematical models
  7. Hydrodynamics and Chromatography
  8. Electrolytes and Electroactives and their equations
  9. Particles passing through the cavity and transfer equations calculation
  10. NSE equation (Navier–Stokes equations)
  11. Macromolecules with charge in solution
  12. Protein Electrophoresis Equations
  13. Stability of suspensions and colloids
  14. Drag model in porous media and filtration
  15. The rheology of suspensions
  16. Polymeric suspensions and their equations
  17. Viscosity, surface tension equations
  18. Making thin layers and using capillary equations and dimensionless numbers
  19. Flow equations in the construction of surface coatings and surface waves
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