How to hide author, date-time in WordPress posts?

Without Plugins, WordPress is fine and with coding knowledge in PHP we are safe!

1st solution: we go to Dashboard> Appearance> Theme editor or editor. Here we have single-post.php or something like that if it wasn’t there then check right side and click on blue link (maybe it is like a child version like agama blue from agama). There are codes that run a script about “blog_post_meta” or something related to that. Here you need remove or just simply comment it out like :

<?php // do_action(“blog_post_meta”); ?>

2nd solution: we could use additional css like below, just paste it in additional css ( we have to do this for every post!) :

/* Remove meta data */
.entry-meta .byline, .entry-meta .cat-links { display: none; }
.entry-meta .posted-on { display: none; }

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